1. 2009 AGM
The date: October 8th
The time: 7:30pm
The place: Club MB

It’s THAT time of year. The MBAGM. You’ll get to hear about funding opportunities, coaching, clubhouse plans, the teams and all sorts of other nuggets of interesting info. Be there, or we’ll talk about you…

And there are still a couple of places unfilled on the committee – namely secretary and social secretary (although of course you’re welcome to put yourself forward for any position on the committee. Full job descriptions are up on the noticeboard in the club) – it’s the only club to be a member of, kids. Job descriptions follow, so if either of them are roles that you think might be right up your street, read on.

Those committee job descriptions…
– Coordinate the convening of all regular committee meetings. Which are FUN.
– Coordinate the convening of the club AGM and providing an agenda and previous minutes.
– Take minutes at committee meetings and the AGM.
– Liaise with the Club Membership Secretary to keep an up-to-date members address list.
– Be the main official club contact person for all external correspondence coming to the club.
– Receive external mail and liaise with relevant committee members.
– Ensure any relevant notices about tournaments and events are displayed on the notice boards so Mersey Bowmen can complete a clean sweep of the Parks tournie (and the rest) next year too…
– Apply for annual club Wimbledon tickets, organise the ticket draw and keep records of ticket holders in line with LTA regulations.
– Be responsible for the notice boards in the clubhouse, removing out of date notices and updating displays when relevant with pretty pictures and the odd incriminating photo
– Help make sure that players using the club are members, and are adhering to club rules.
– A pencil skirt is not required, and thoughts of Maggie Gyllenhall in darkly er0t1c James Spader films are not necessarily accurate. But might be encouraged…

Social secretary:
– Be responsible for organising club social events and advertise to the membership. Lots of drinking and dancing. Beer. Basically.
– Maximise the fundraising and profit element at all planned social events/functions (provide lots of beer)
– Coordinate the roles and responsibilities of committee members, and others, in the planning and running of social events and functions (to buy, sell, fetch and carry beer)
– Explore and coordinate potential sponsorship possibilities for social and other organised events (esp. with organisations which might provide beer)

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