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‘Tis the season to play tennis. What with the spring equinox heralding the start of a fine spell of weather, we’re sure, now’s the time to sign up for the season ahead… League matches start in the last week in April, and all players have to be signed up members – click here to check up-to-date membership fees. Spring also sees the start of social tennis in earnest – we’ve already had our first tournament of the season, and you’ll get the benefit of social three times a week, a Saturday morning singles ladder and FREE coaching for six weeks in the summer when you join.

The 2014 season newsletter’s also going out next week, so keep an eye out for that, with the latest information about the clubhouse and courts, parking and housekeeping, and some dates for your diary…


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On the first day of Christmas, the Bowmen gave to me…

… frolics at the MB parteeeeeee!
Folks, don’t forget that this Saturday (11th) heralds the MB Festive Frolics, from 8:00 at the club (there’s an invite attached below). We’ll strut the night away to Swingology, and have a hearty feast of food and drink too. If you’re planning on coming along, please let Sue know. We’d also be ever so grateful if you’d bring some scran as a contribution – even if you just roll through the door with a packet of cheesy Wotsits it’ll be much appreciated (and I for one’ll be a happy girl…)

On the second day of Christmas the Bowmen gave to me, free cash in the MB kitty…
Last minute Christmas shoppers ahoy… If you sign up for EasyFundraising (via, 15% of the total value of your purchase is donated to the MB. For nada. Nottin’. Just sitting on yer er5e and clicking ‘click’. So, if you’re buying from any of 200 stores and websites, including Amazon, Argos, M&S, eBay and John Lewis, they’ll chuck back 15% of your prezzie price into the MB pot. Please tell your friends, family and any other shopaholics you know too, and we’ll be building a superbowl stylee stadium and six lane motorway access through the Seffy Park lake before you know it. Happy shopping! As if you needed an excuse 😉

On the third day of Christmas the Bowmen gave to me, croquet in a style com-e-dy*
Scratch this in your brand shiny new 2011 diary… A day of mulled wine, Scouse, chilli, croquet and fresh air to blow the new year cobwebs away. It’ll be on Sunday 2nd January from around 11am, running into candle-lit (and quite possibly double-vision handicapped) croquet by the end of the day, as James has invented a croquet hook candlestick holder doncha know – which will be tastefully packaged and available for sale soon from JML, Wilkinsons and selected branches of the Asda soon. Or maybe not. But one way or t’other, it’ll be a day with a difference, lots of fun, plenty of warming wine and absolutely no expectation of technical ability or finesse (*although I mentioned ‘comedy croquet’ to James, which was apparently a bad choice of words. He’s rather good at it.) So, gather friends and family and bring them down for a bit of a do. We’re also working on a ‘crazy croquet’ brand, complete with ornamental windmills, for future play……… All will be revealed in good time.

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Commitment shy?

Well, me too, but sometimes saying ‘yes’ just feels nice. And we’ve still got a couple of outstanding positions on the committee this year; social secretary and pavilion person are still up for grabs, as is the role of the ladies’ captain. So, if you’d like to get involved and have your say in how the club’s run – and who turns out on the courts – then let us know. Not that we’re at all bored of each others’ company (although we’ve run out of variations on our limited repertoire of tennis-related innuendoes…) but we’d really like to encourage some newer members onto the committee. Come on board, join us… It’s not too onerous – we have about four or five committee meetings a year, plus the AGM, and have got some really important and exciting decisions to make at the mo, which will decide the future direction of the Bow Hoes.

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MB seeks Ladies’ Captain

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MB seeks Pavilion Chair

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