Commitment shy?

Well, me too, but sometimes saying ‘yes’ just feels nice. And we’ve still got a couple of outstanding positions on the committee this year; social secretary and pavilion person are still up for grabs, as is the role of the ladies’ captain. So, if you’d like to get involved and have your say in how the club’s run – and who turns out on the courts – then let us know. Not that we’re at all bored of each others’ company (although we’ve run out of variations on our limited repertoire of tennis-related innuendoes…) but we’d really like to encourage some newer members onto the committee. Come on board, join us… It’s not too onerous – we have about four or five committee meetings a year, plus the AGM, and have got some really important and exciting decisions to make at the mo, which will decide the future direction of the Bow Hoes.

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