Fairlawn Winners 2018

After more than 20 years of participating in the Fairlawn Tournament we are very proud to announce that we are winners!

The Fairlawn Trophy is a club tournament that runs in parallel alongside the Liverpool Leagues and is open to all clubs to participate in.  It was first competed in 1965 where each Group club was invited to field a team of 6 mixed doubles. Over the years different formats have been tried before the current arrangement of 4 mixed doubles was finally agreed. The Trophy is dedicated to the Fairlawn Club which was a prominent member of the Liverpool Group until 1964 when “circumstances” forced the club to disband and resign from the Group.

On Sunday 12th August we were scheduled to play Widnes Tennis Academy in the final of the tournament, but due to severe weather warnings the match managed to be moved to Widnes’ indoor tennis courts. The standard of play was exceptionally high and we are delighted and relieved to at last win after taking part in so many fruitless finals in recent years.  This is our first Fairlawn win since 1992!

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