Your MB needs you:
26th September: is the day of the MB clubhouse clean-up, from 11am. Please come along and wield a hoover, duster or make yerself useful and put the kettle on. By the end of the sesh we’re sure the club’ll be clean enough to eat your tea off the floor (although someone else can test the theory) so please come along and chip in. I’d almost go so far as suggesting it’ll be fun, but can confirm it will be followed by the summer’s final fling of tennis in the afternoon sun, and…..

……. the comedy-dancing, eccentric food and tennis-people-looking-very-strange-stripped-of-their-trackies that is the League Dinner. Making its debut at the Liverpool Marina this year, go along to whoop and cheer the clever folk who won things in the league and cups this season. Sadly I can’t go, because, er, I’ve got plans (KAZIMIER, KAZIMIER, KAZIMIER!!) but if you’d like to go, or even organise the MB delegation minibus, then feel free… Nuff said, it’s a cracker of a night.

8th Oct: is the uber-informative AGM. Which will take place in the clubhouse. Very clean clubhouse. And tell you all about funding, plans for the club, the teams’ performances, our new coaching programme, a bit of financial chit-chat and other Bow banter. Can’t wait? Put it in your diary now – always fond of a cliche, it’s YOUR chance to find out what’s going on at YOUR club, and YOUR chance to get involved and make a difference. Remember kids, this isn’t the BBC, this is the MBC.

8th October will also be the last date you can sign up for the winter ladder, which will run throughout the bright sunshine and frosty mornings of winter until March next year, when Bow Boot Camp begins for pre-season. Matches can be played at your leisure, at a venue of your choice – under floodlights, indoors, at the Bow in a sunny Satdee afternoon – as long as it’s keeping you playing and socialising. It’s a ladder, so pairs of all abilities are welcome. You’re not going to be finding yourselves playing someone 1000 times better – or 1000 times worse than you – as ladders let you bob around and find your own level. Clever, eh?! We’d prefer mixed pairs, please, as it includes the greatest number of members, but don’t be shy, grab a partner, and sign on the line… If you’re already raring to go, drop me an email saying you’d like to play, your partner’s name, shoe size and favourite colour and we’ll dust that list off.

We’ll also be having a monthly social night at the club – probably on Thursdays, but feel free to suggest – when we’ll whip up some food and get everyone to congregate for a bit of scran and a few beers and some truly enlightening tennis talk. Ahem.

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