Read all abaht it, read all abaht it…….

People. After hours (and yes, I really do mean HOURS) of committee fun this week, it appears there’re a few things goin’ dahn which we should tell you about. So, here goes….

We’ll be having another swash-buckling Kenny-from-South-Park-meets-Andy-meatloaf-Roddick American tournie on Saturday 27th March to get everyone in the mooooood for the new season. There’ll be more details about it in the impending-wait-fer-it-wait-fer-it-ooh-the-anticipation-NEW-SEASON newsletter, but if you fancy wielding a racket like a lightsaber, drop me an email and I’ll put you on one of me lists.

And to our next item.

Following the increased numbers of ragamuffins and urchins in the park in the wake of 2009’s recession-induced rutting season, there are lots of eagle-eyed CityWatch types on patrol. And seeing as they’ve had some complaints about the number of cards in the park, we thought it was our duty to remind you that you can only park on the left hand side (as you drive towards the club), and you need to make sure you’ve got your hazards on when entering the park. Parking permits also run out at the end of the month, and you won’t get a new one until you’ve paid up and filled in a new membership form for 2010. And here ends the lesson.

You might also like to know that there’ll be an outdoorsy clean-up of the courts and grounds will be on April 10th, and will once again include a tasty lunch. But we’d like to reassure all members that there’s no truth in the rumours that it’ll be made entirely from things that grow around the clubhouse.

And you should have also heard on the jungle drums that team practices start tomorrow. Yes, that’s TOMORROW (Saturday 13th), from 1pm. Be there, or be consigned to the annals of H.I.S.T.O.R.Y.

And finally…..

If you’re not already hard at it, pleez keep on collecting Echo Wish tokens. We’re doin’ OK, can still do better…. Meryl is our coordinator extraordinaire, so if you’ve been foraging the wilds of Echo-land, please let Meryl know ( so she can take them off your hands.

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