The All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club. Liverpool style

Now, it can’t have escaped your notice how manicured the grass is looking, and you might have spied an assortment of hefty new implements neatly lined up in the clubhouse. That’s because we’re welcoming our sister act, the Liverpool Croquet Crew, aboard the Good Ship Bowmen. Because if it’s good enough for Wimbledon, it’s good enough for the Bowmen. So croquet will soon be played on our manicured lawns – mainly on afternoons in the week I believe, which generally means there’ll be more people around down at the club, which should help keep things busy and lively and secure.

James has been slogging away for hours getting the pitches up to scratch – the area’s just been reseeded, and over the next few days fertiliser will be going down. It’s going to be cordoned off to give it a chance to all start bloomin’, but please make sure that you don’t walk on any of the bits which are marked out – you’ll get some nasty cross-contamination with the chemicals, and it’s pretty nasty stuff whether you’re a weed or not. So if you handle anything that’s been on the ground, pleez wash your hands before eating / drinking / licking your fingers (or anything else you’ve exposed to it).

Bowmen members are of course invited to play, although I’m not sure swearing’s allowed in croquet (just me then?!), and we look set to get a good few new members via the Croquet Crew, which all helps secure the club’s future. And by the Bank Holiday play will be ready to commence. So if you fancy swinging a mallet instead of a racket, pop down this weekend and give it a whirl/ twirl/ hurl – James will be organising taster sessions for all MB members, so make sure you take the chance to try it out…

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