The Finals Day bandwagon rolls into town

I’m sure it goes without saying that you’ve all got Finals Day scribbled in your diaries in big red letters for this Saturday, and have been awaiting it with rampant anticipation. So with only 50 nailbiting hours to go until kick off, here’s a bit more info for you….

Matches will be starting at 12, so pleez make sure you’re ready to play, lend your most vocal support or stare intently at the lines. I’m sure you’ll be pleased to hear that there are some new faces amongst the finalists, alongside the old stalwarts of the fair game, so come down and give them a cheer…

Order of play will be:
12:00 Men’s singles & Ladies’ singles
1:30/2:00 Men’s doubles & Ladies’ doubles
3:30/ 4:00 Mixed doubles

We’ll be having a party tea throughout the afternoon, so if everyone who’s coming down can bring something to chip in, that’d be great… Sarnies, cakes, sickly sausage rolls. La la la. Then we’ll be doing a big fat barbeque from 7:30, so make sure you’re around for that… And – oh – there just happens to be a Liverpool tea time kick-off at 5:30pm which we had to ask them to reschedule around our finals, so you don’t need to miss a thing. Presentations will take place in the evening once everyone’s suitably well oiled and rowdy. Come and join the party!

And, dare I say it? We’re due some sunshine, although scorchio it won’t be, so a few layers might come in handy…

If you’ve got time on your hands then both quarter finals and a couple of semis are being played dow at the club over the next couple of nights, so have a stroll down and take a look.

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