The ticker-tape-tastic MB American Open is on August 22nd

Instead of our traditional mid-August finals day, we’ll be playing an American Open tournament. It’s open to current and former members alike, and anyone you fancy bringing down to impress/ sell into Bow-slavery or dish out a sound thrashing to, so invite friends, family and frenemies… We’ll be playing a round-robin format – pairs’ll picked out of a hat to ensure that you’re all as equal as possible, and we’ll play a semi-final and final at the end of the day.

It’ll be £5 per person to enter and lunch will be provided… please email me to enter – you don’t need a partner, all pairs will be picked at random on the day. All comers welcome.

In return we promise you cheesy USA-USA prizes, hot dogs, star-spangled banners galore and the right to life (you see, no getting knocked out in the first round here…), liberty to express yourself with a bat and the pursuit of happiness on a tennis court. But not to bear arms. Or bare arms. One of the two…

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