World Cup feevah

Drink beer from lunchtime, let your work attendance plummet and watch England lose on a penalty shoot out. Must be World Cup time. And now you can speculate on the outcome of every game-of-two-halves/Christmas-tree formation/totally-against-the-run-of-play-goal/good touch for a tall fella/*insert your own cliche here* at the World Cup. Absolutely no footie knowledge is required (boys, you know who you are) for our World Cup competition, so please get ’em out there and get guessing.

It’s really quite simple – you predict who’s gonna win what, for every group game and the knock-out stages, and tot up points along the way. And then – if you’re any good – you’ll earn yourself some cash.

Entry’s £4 each, and the more people we get involved, the more money there’ll be in the prize kitty. Half of the cash goes to the MB, and the other half all goes back in out in the way of prizes. So get your workmates/ friends/ family/ on the case…. Please email me at for a (pretty-self-explanatory) spreadsheet of all of the games – entries need to be received by June 10th pleez.

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